5 Catering Trends to consider for your event

5 Catering Trends to Consider for Your Events in 2020

Always on the lookout for new things to try and catering trends to consider, we were excited to see this list of 20 Event Food Catering Trends to Watch For in 2020. We decided to highlight a few here, but you should really check out the complete list if you’re curious about what the new year might bring. 

Bring on the Bacteria

Blue illustration of bacteria

Sounds gross, but healthy bacteria is the key to a healthy digestive system or microbiome. That’s why you’ll see options on catering menus that include fermented foods, rich in probiotics like kimchi, kefir, and kombucha. 

Sounds too far out for you? Just remember that other fermented foods have probably been a part of your diet for a long while — think yogurt and even pickles. Be adventurous and take a bite or two of healthy bacteria. Your gut will thank you. 

In Appreciation of Inner Beauty 

Five carrots sitting in a row on a wooden table

Did you know that a whopping 40% of all food grown in the U.S. on an annual basis is thrown out because of its looks? Or, more specifically, it’s lack of good looks. That’s right, ugly fruits and veggies are not deemed worthy of your local produce department, so they get tossed. 

However, as consumers become more aware of unnecessary food waste, the narrative is shifting. For example, consider the increasing popularity of Misfits Market, an online grocer that “delivers ugly, but otherwise perfectly edible fruits and vegetables right to your door.” 

Make Mine a Mocktail

Mineral water with lemons and limes

We’re not talking about your typical mocktail — which is just a non-alcoholic beverage. In the past, mocktails have been pretty ho-hum. Unimaginative. A mock screwdriver, for example, is just… orange juice. So, more folks are skipping the silly name and focusing instead on fusions, sans alcohol, that require all the creativity of a real cocktail. Expect to see or offer some interesting flavor blends in your beverages this year. 

Care for a Side of CBD? 

Cannibis and CBD oil

If you think CBD products are limited to the storefront that recently popped up in your neighborhood, think again. Menus featuring CBD products or cannabinoids will make an impressive appearance this year, whether that means the food is prepared in CBD oil or washed down with CBD-infused bubbly water. 

Serious Strength Behind a Silly Name

Avocadoes next to a wooden bowl

Let’s be clear — the phrase “superfood” is more indicative of a marketing fad than an actual nutritional value. However, “superfoods” are represented highly nutritional fruits and vegetables and should feature on your menu, whether or not you use their silly name. Look for berries, nuts, ancient grains like farro or quinoa, beets, avocados, and exotic fruits. For a little inspiration, check out this list of top ten superfoods from 2019

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